About Us

AYM Packaging, producing pull-up spout caps for edible oil caps, motor oil caps, plastic handles and metal circle for the well-known companies in Turkish local market and foreign countries for 33 years. Our company has 11.500m² closed area by using the latest technology and capacity without compromising the quality of the company has managed to become the sector’s best.
Our main products are pull-up spout caps, pet bottle caps and jar caps for edible oil and motor oil sectors. We have also caps with safety rings, aluminum seals o-ring and PE seals designed fot PET, PVC and plastic bottles, plastic drums, PET jars and cans for edible oil, olive, pickle, jam and sweet packaging. Besides, our product range contains shampoo caps, caps and plastic handles for water bottle, cream box, jelly jar caps for cosmetic products; foam aerosol caps, flip top caps for ketchup bottles, pipe – trigger sets and screwed caps for chemicals products; all kind of rounded and squared caps on tin cans of cheese, coffee, tomato paste, dried food for food protect.
And what’s more, we have product as plastic and wire handles for metal drums and plastic containers in usage of Paint, Chemical, Paint, Food products and metal circles for drums, barrels, cartons and composite containers in all sizes, also we have water bottles handles.